Who did we interview?

Here is a breakdown of who we interviewed:

  • Most MLAs we interviewed served between 1993-2013. A small minority of MLAs served before 1993.
  • 43% of the MLAs we interviewed had served in the NDP caucus, 37% had served in the PC caucus and 20% had served in the Liberal caucus.
  • 23% of the MLAs we interviewed were female; 77% were male.
  • The MLAs we interviewed were a mix of former backbenchers, cabinet ministers and party leaders. Most MLAs had served in a mix of government and opposition positions; however some MLAs had only served in government and some had only served as opposition members. 
  • Three of the MLAs we interviewed were African-Nova Scotian (there have only been five African Nova Scotians elected to province house, and two are currently MLAs). 

Are you an MLA wondering why you weren't contacted? 

We've attempted to get in touch with as many MLAs who have served from 1993 and later. Chances are, if you haven't been contacted by our team, it's not because we weren't interested in talking, but because we couldn't find you. Get in touch by contacting us at offscript@springtidecollective.ca or phoning us at 902.989.3668. 


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