Ep #10: You're Hired; Responsibilities Negotiable (TRANSCRIPT)

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Episode #9: The 52nd Seat (TRANSCRIPT)

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Sandra: You're listening to “On the Record, Off Script”. And I’m your host, Sandra Hannebohm.

This week on Off Script we explore the stories of people who were not former MLAs. We explore what Mi’kmaq representation in the Nova Scotia legislature might look like.

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EP #8: Ready, willing and able (Transcript)

MARK: Hey there - it’s Mark Coffin here, and I’ll be your host for this weeks podcast, where we’ll be exploring some of the stories of the people who have run, and in some cases won, elected office as Nova Scotians living with disabilities. 


Alright, here’s this week’s episode. 

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Ep #7: The white House (TRANSCRIPT)

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Mark: Hey Sandra.

Sandra: Hi Mark.

Mark: What’s happening this week on Off Script?

Sandra: Well, this week… Oh wait a second! I forgot to mention something to you, sorry.

Mark: What?

Sandra: I have a joke, and I’ve been working really hard on the wording and the timing, and it applies to what we’re talking about this week. So the joke is…

Mark: Let’s hear it.

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Ep #6: Ladies first (except in politics) TRANSCRIPT

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Mark Coffin: A quick note before today’s show.

We’re back to our usual thing - telling the story of being a member of the Legislative Assembly in Nova Scotia, as told to us by former MLAs.

This show will be hosted by Sandra Hannebohm, who is going to be sharing the hosting duties with me here at Off Script from here on out.

Here's this week's show...

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Special Ep #9: Book Pub ft. Howard Epstein & Graham Steele Discussion (TRANSCRIPT)

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Howard Epstein: Inside the caucus there was a group that met regularly and was very much at odds with the direction of the Dexter government during those years. There was discussion amongst those people about the possibility of crossing the floor and sitting as independents.

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Mark: You're listening to the Off Script Podcast. My name is Mark Coffin and I am your host.

Last week, we shared the first half of a discussion Springtide - the organization that produces the Off Script podcast - hosted in 2015. We held an event called Book Pub - where we invited Howard Epstein and Graham Steele, two former NDP MLAs - to have a conversation at The Company House in Halifax. Each of them have written very different books about their experience in politics and the NDP government they were a part of. At this event, Book Pub, we invited them to face off against one another, alongside moderator and former NDP communications staffer, Barbara Emodi.

If you didn’t listen to last week’s episode, I highly suggest you go back and take a listen to it, you’ll enjoy this episode much more if you do.

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Special Ep #8: Book Pub ft. Howard Epstein & Graham Steele (TRANSCRIPT)

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(Book Pub Audience Cheering)

Graham Steele: I have to say, I've given a lot of speeches over the years. This is the first time I've ever given a speech with a drink my hand, so this should go particularly well.

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Mark: You’re listening to the Off Script podcast. My name is Mark Coffin and I am your host.

In June of 2009 the Nova Scotia NDP, led by the-party leader Darrell Dexter won a majority of the seats in the provincial election, and became the first NDP government elected in all of Atlantic Canada.

Despite Nova Scotians having a long history of giving new premiers at least two chances to try their hand at leading a government, the NDP were ultimately defeated in the subsequent election in 2013.

Many NDP supporters were disappointed by the approach taken by their own party in government. Others were disappointed by the fact that they never won a second term. And some were disappointed by both.

Two of the people who were a part of the NDP caucus for the decade leading up to their victory in 2009 are Howard Epstein and Graham Steele. Both Howard and Graham were disappointed in the performance of their government and their party, and each of them have written books reflecting on that experience.

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Ep #5: Roads (TRANSCRIPT)

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(Highway Sounds)

Mark Coffin (Narrating): Roads...

As Nova Scotians they connect us to one another. As a resource economy, roads have been essential for taking goods from sellers to buyers.

They take fish, produce, lumber and livestock to market - from one part of the province to another, and along with rail and ocean shipping they bring those products to the rest of the world.

It's roads that bring us to Nova Scotia's most awe-inspiring people and places.

They take us to the homes and workplaces of former members of the legislative assembly who we spoke to for this podcast.

Children spend hours on roads in rural Nova Scotia each week getting to and from school.

For when emergency strikes, highways are critical for ensuring paramedics, fire-fighters and police can safely and quickly make it to the people who need help.

While it’s easy to take them for granted, roads are public spaces that our communities have been built around.

How we go about constructing and maintaining roads is an important public policy issue for Nova Scotia.

… maybe even the most important public policy issue?

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Ep #4: Party Time (TRANSCRIPT)

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Mark Coffin: "How was that communicated to you that you'd be kicked out of the party? Was it an unspoken rule or a direct?"

Francene Cosman: "Oh, it's unspoken. But there was a lot of heat on me. Yeah. In many subtle ways."

Mark Coffin: "Were you wrestling with the decision?"

Francene Cosman: "Oh yeah, there was it was subtle, it was like somebody fairly well placed in the party would go, you know, 'Give me the hand signals.' And then they'd say, 'Nothing coming your way...'

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Special Ep #5: New Year's Resolution Edition TRANSCRIPT

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Mark Coffin: You’re listening to a special New Year’s episode of On the Record, Off Script, the podcast.

My name is Mark Coffin, and I’m one of the hosts.

Happy New Year, Happy 2017.

2016 - according to practically everybody - was a very bad year.

So, today we take a look back in time for some century old wisdom for New Year's resolutions that could lead to - quote - “better civic administration."

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