Special Ep #3: How I got kicked out of Province House (Nelson MacDonald)

In this week’s episode: an update on our production schedule, and the most refreshing, hilarious, disappointing and profane take you will hear on what happens inside the Nova Scotia legislature. 

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Ep #2: Casting Call

What do a laywer, a baptist minister, a farmer and a nurse have in common? At one point, they've all walked into the legislature to serve as MLAs. In episode two of Off Script, hear the stories that turned regular citizens into lawmakers, and the challenges they faced along the way. 

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Special Ep. #2: Alison Loat (Extended Interview)

What's it like traveling across Canada to talk to former MPs about their life in politics? In last week's podcast, you heard from Alison Loat, one of the co-authors of the book "Tragedy in the Commons: Former Members of Parliament Speak Out on Canada's Failing Democracy". In this special episode, we’re sharing an extended version of the interview we did with Alison for that episode, where we explore the impact that book has had on Canadian Politics. 

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Special Ep. #1: Michael MacMillan on Tragedy in the Commons

What do former MPs have to say about the health of Canadian democracy? Not much good news, accoriding to Michael MacMillan. In last week's podcast, you heard from Michael MacMillan, one of the co-authors of the book "Tragedy in the Commons: Former Members of Parliament Speak Out on Canada's Failing Democracy". In this special episode of the podcast, you'll hear a keynote address that Michael gave when he visited Halifax two years ago for the Springtide Better Politics Awards.

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For the brokenhearted (Parker J. Palmer)

Today, we were planning on releasing the first full episode of the podcast.  But, our hearts and minds are somewhere else today, and we suspect yours are too. We’ll pick up where we left off this time next week, and this week we'll share some of the writings of Parker J. Palmer, on healing the heart of democracy.

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How an MLA gets involved in "those kinds of things"

Clarrie MacKinnon recounts the kinds of things he would end up doing when government services fell short of his constituents needs.



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Off Script: "Where's the Minister?" (Eleanor Norrie)

In this week’s story, former cabinet minister, and Truro-Bible Hill MLA, Eleanor Norrie, remembers what she describes as the all-too-frequent experience of showing up as a woman when the people she was scheduled to meet were waiting for a man.



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Off Script: "Three cheers for the lady" (Francene Cosman)

The Off Script Podcast will officially launch soon. Until then, here's the first of the Off Script 'prepisodes' - short anecdotes and stories that kept us laughing, captivated, and in suspense during the interviews, meant to keep you doing the same until we launch full episodes in the coming weeks. This week's story comes from former MLA and deputy speaker, Francene Cosman, where she describes her most harrowing day in the speaker's chair.



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Off Script: Starting Up

We've collected over 75 hours of recorded content, from interviews with more than forty former MLAs. This fall, we'll begin releasing a weekly audio-documentary podcast. Each week we'll unpack one small piece of politics.




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